In the event that we pay attention to the slowdown of the internet speed in our computer, we should check whether certain programs are currently using the connector.

Often anti-virus programs update their databases, additionally there may be automatic updates of drivers, so sometimes we may notice that our internet connection slows down. Naturally, if we notice that the programs do not load the link, then we can look for other reasons. Certainly, a good solution will be to perform connection speed tests, we can use online tools that will examine the transmission of the data packet. Thanks to this, we will find out what the real speed of our internet connection is.

What to do when the internet collapses?

How to check the operation of the home wireless network?

If the parameters differ significantly from the parameters provided by the supplier, then we can reset the router, check whether other devices than the computer connected to our network are slowing down the work. Of course, they can be mobile phones, tablets, now also TV sets that will connect to platforms such as HBO or Netflix can use the Internet. In the case when we watch content in high definition, our link may be more loaded. The Internet connection can also be used by game consoles, in the case of downloading game files or online games, we will also use our connection, we may also notice a decrease in bandwidth.

Problems may be related to the equipment, in this case it is worth checking whether the router is functional, in the case when we connect via wireless devices in some places in our home, we may notice a loss of signal. In this case, we can use our smartphone, check the connection speed in individual rooms. Sometimes the problems will arise from the wrong location of our router. The solution may be to use an appropriate amplifier or relays that will allow you to cover the entire home.

We can easily test the signal range with a mobile phone by going to the speed test page, we will be able to check the data transfer speed both ways. Then we can go with the phone to the next rooms, check how we get the speeds. Thanks to this, we will know how to prepare the infrastructure and wireless network in our home.