Each room in the apartment has an important function, but in the case of small apartments, rooms are often combined with each other to save space in this way. To make the interiors even more ergonomic and functional, special furniture finishes should be used in them.

Furniture slides in the kitchen

The kitchen is a very important room, but it is often combined together with the living room. In this way, you gain more space and can spend time with your family while preparing meals. However, to make such a combination possible, it is necessary to use special slides in drawers and kitchen cabinets. Furniture slides need to be very sturdy, poor quality slides, will rust and creak when used. To avoid this, it is worth betting on well-known manufacturers of furniture slides and buy solid slides, made of stainless steel.

Which drawer runners should I choose?

Runners are an essential part of cabinets where drawers are to be fitted. This type of kitchen fitting is very functional and practical. Blum silent closing runners are now the most popular choice when it comes to kitchen slides and more. Quiet closure will be perfect for the kitchen connected with the living room, because the drawers when opening and closing will not make any noise. Thanks to this, you will be able to use the kitchenette even when the rest of the household is relaxing in the living room.

Cheap and useful drawer runners

The kitchen must be a functional and ergonomic place. This will make spending time in it a lot of fun. Kitchen drawers with modern runners, will certainly make preparing food a pleasure. Kitchen slides do not have to be expensive at all, you can easily buy them in furniture stores and not only at a low, bargain price. It is also worth buying these types of products directly from the manufacturer, then you can also count on a discount. Very often ready-made kitchen units and system furniture already have slides in the set. In such cases it is worth checking what kind of slides are included. If these are traditional slides, it is better to pay extra and choose silent closing slides. This is an investment in a more functional kitchen.

Drawer runners H45 – Furnica

Drawer runners H53 – Furnica

The kitchen is an important place in an apartment and house, because a lot of time is spent there. So it needs to be decorated according to modern trends, and it should also be easy to keep clean. Decent drawers with slides will ensure that the kitchen is always tidy and orderly, which will certainly have an impact on the well-being of the household members.