BCAA are nothing else but branched-chain amino acids.

Supplements offer the most important essential amino acids, i.e. those which the body must obtain from food and cannot produce. These are leucine, isoleucine and valine. Although they are available in food such as protein of various products, they are so important that an athlete simply cannot forget about them. That’s why their regular supplementation will give you 100% confidence and 100% training effects!

BCAA – the most important functions and role in the body

During each training session an athlete gives it all. His muscles work at top speed – especially in gym training. Constant contractions, contractions and lifting weights damage their muscle fibres. However, this is a kind of deliberate procedure – thanks to this the body gets information that they should regenerate as bigger and stronger. It is through this mechanism that muscles grow with training performance.

However, proper muscle regeneration must occur under the right conditions. These are adequate hydration and substrates. The main substrate for the formation of muscle proteins are essential branched chain amino acids, which BCAA contains in the right proportion. Therefore, a regular supply of BCAAs will provide a fantastic source for the creation of muscle proteins, which build up into bigger and bigger fibres and finally whole muscles!

An additional benefit of using this supplement is that it helps in fat reduction through its anti-catabolic properties. It protects muscles from drawing energy from them during decomposition. It “redirects” this process to fat tissue, the combustion of which gives the body energy. Please visit this page for more information https://crossthelimits.co.uk/c/bcaa/

BCAA - the most essential branched-chain amino acids

Dosage of BCAA

The most popular method of BCAA dosage is its conversion into body weight. It is recommended to take 0.5-1.0 gram of the product per 10kg of body weight. For example, a 70kg person should eat between 3.5 and 7.0g of the product every day.